XLED4 CV Casambi LED Converter

1-4 Casambi+DALI LED-Converter 10-48V

LED ballast for comfortable and flexible control of LEDs with constant voltage (usually LED strips) through a smartphone or tablet. Additionally DALI integrated, depending on the operation mode 1 to 4 channels.

  • Casambi
  • DALI
  • PushButton

The dimmer can be operated with a smartphone over Casambi, or alternatively the DALI protocol is available as a higher-level building control and use Casambi as a DALI extension.

It is also possible to use the Dimmer DALI input alternatively as a PushButton input. For this purpose, the mains voltage (L and N) connected to the DALI contacts. All channels are evenly dimmed.

With the integrated key input any Casambi device can be remotely controlled.