Constant Voltage BLE LED Dimming Module

Casambi Ready LED Dimming Module

GRE Alpha’s Casambi enabled dimming module is a 240 Watt single channel output Constant Voltage LED dimming module that allows for seamless integration with Casambi-enabled luminaires, sensors, wall mounted and wireless switches.

  • Wireless Bluetooth Low Energy communication
  • Single channel output
  • Unlimited number of luminaire connections
  • Easy to install, high reliability
  • Enables multiple fixture dimming from one Casambi node, i.e., Track Lighting
  • Easily integrate Casambi BLE to any non-dimming installation
  • Easily integrate Casambi BLE to replace any existing wired dimming system, i.e. 0-10V, Phase dimming, etc.
  • UL Listed module can be installed anywhere, including within GRE Alpha drivers, to eliminate J-boxes, etc.
  • UL 60730-1
  • CSA E60730-1