Plug & Play - Sensor

Smart motion and brightness sensor with plug adapter
The Sensor automates your lighting. The product is Casambi Ready and therefore compatible with all AIMOTION systems and Casambi powered lights. In addition to movements the Sensor can additionally measure the brightness. The motion sensor can be switched off temporarily as an option. The integrated socket can be used as usual as consumer.

Automatic switching on and off of lights and devices
Turn on your lights when motion is detected. Perfect for your bathroom, kitchen, hallway, office or basement. You can specify in the app which scene or lighting setting should be triggered when motion is detected. When motion is no longer detected, the light turn off automatically. Strengthen your biorhythm – this lighting solution orients itself by automatically adjusting the light color and intensity to the natural course of daylight.

Day and night setting
Select different light settings for day and night. Example: During the day, the Sensor can trigger clear white light for better vision. At night, you can set a soft night light so that when motion is detected, your lights turn on dimmed and you won't be blinded.

Integrated brightness sensor
Turns in your lights only when needed. You can easily adjust the photosensitivity in the app. The Sensor will only trip when you need light. The motion sensor helps you to save energy. If no movement is detected, the light dims and switches off automatically after a set time.

Place as needed
Use the smart features in each room as needed. Simply plug the Sensor into a power outlet.

The products of the PLUG & PLAY series by AIMOTION are available in black and white.
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