We at Casambi understand that you as a specifier want to make sure that:
1. You get all the lighting functionality you need for the project you have designed
2. You can trust that the lighting control system works, is robust and future proof
3. That the technology has already been proven in the field
4. The commissioning process is easy and fast
5. There is support and maintantanance provided for the next years to come, if needed


The Casambi lighting control solution provides for all the control options that are expected from a full featured professional lighting control solution. Here you can read shortly about the Casambi functionality or get access to the complete Tender Text- functionality description by logging into the Specifier's area.

Casambi Functionality
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Robust and future proof

In Casambi’s mesh architecture, luminaires and control modules communicate with each other, free of a central gateway or hub. Every device on the network contains all the intelligence needed to communicate with all the others, so if any one device fails or experiences a problem, the rest of the network simply adapts and carries on. It’s a self-organising, self-healing system.

All Casambi Ready products, regardless if they are Casambi native products or manufactured by any of Casambi’s partners are always 100% compatible with each other.

Proven in the field

Casambi is being used to control lighting at a long list of locations around the globe. It’s a tried, tested and trustworthy system. Please find below some examples of projects.

List of Reference Projects
Case Studies by Application


Commissioning Casambi is easy, simple and straightforward. The Casambi commissioning tool is graphical, not text based. It automatically identify luminaires, so no complicated addressing procedure is needed. The majority of the work can be done before commissioning phase and besides the automatical pairing process the commissiing can even be done remotely.

You can find more information about Casambi trainings and certified commissioning engineers below.

Casambi Training Center


We offers comprehensive support for anyone wishing to use Casambi technology in their projects. Please contact us on support@casambi.com. We also also gather a lot of different tricks and hints in our Support portal, so please take a look at the articles provided.

The Support portal

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To access all needed information for specifying Casambi, please log into the Specifyer's Area .

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